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n the wider area of ​​the town of Metsovo, Ioannina, in the settlement of Chrysovitsa in an area of ​​50 acres on a windless slope, is the METSOVO FARM. Almost on this edge of the Greek land, this business was born and developed since October 2014, with a lot of passion and zeal, but also with sensitivity to
the environment that hosts it, but mainly to the nice quadrupeds, our donkeys, which are raised with love and great care for the production of the valuable product they can offer us, their milk. Two hundred and eighty (280) farmed animals are ready to offer high quality fresh pasteurized milk, tested by a certified laboratory, which contains all those nutrients that have made donkey milk the most valuable food product as to its composition and characteristics, after breast milk.

The Characteristics and Benefits of Donkey Milk

With the usage of this product,
Minimize the chances of acquiring allergies in the baby, while helping his body to significantly strengthen its immune system
The presence of lactose in milk, ensures the proper development of the baby’s bones.
Theadministration of donkey milk is indicated in patients with a weakened immune system but also
in the elderly, due to the presence in its composition of probiotic substances, which help in the absorption of calcium by the body, preventing osteoporosis that occurs in the elderly.

Fresh or Pasteurized Donkey Milk

Immediately after the mechanical milking of our units, the milk is subjected to filtration and pasteurization, in order to meet the standards governing the marketing of donkey milk in the European market. After the pasteurization process, the milk is bottled in 100 ml sterile glass bottles and stored in the refrigerator until consumed.